7 Best and Exciting Things to Do in St.barts

If you’re any kind of Backpacker, you already know about the beautiful feeling you get while you explore the best beaches. There’s nothing which can beat your exciting in those places. Now, you can find that type of excitement in st.barts because it is one of the best and famous islands in North America.

St.barts consist of many small beaches scattered over the area of Saint Barthelemy. This island is a French-speaking Caribbean island which is quite commonly referred to as the St.barts, but its actual name is Saint Barthelemy. The st.barts is a paradise that invites you to come and experience the best movements.It is a gorgeous area which is filled with long white sand beaches, luxurious villas, delicious kinds of seafood and more. This place has everything for you to enjoy St.barts vacation such as rugged cliffs, hidden stretches, picture-perfect sand, snorkel spots, delicious food & wine restaurants and so on. Most of the people who travel to st.barts always have few doubts in their minds. So, with this exciting article, your doubts will be cleared and also get a list of 7 best exciting things you have to do in St.barts islands.

So, let’s explore the best things you have to do in saints barts to have a great and memorable st.barts vacation.

Best things to do in St.Barts:

1.Explore Colombier beach:
The first and best thing to do in St.barts is to explore its seaside jewel. Here seaside jewel is nothing but the beauty of the Colombier beach. The beautiful Colombier beach is often hailed as the seaside jewel of the St.barts.

This beautiful place is curved around the end of mainland it is situated at the northwestern edge of the island. You can see the real beauty of this sun-kissed beach while sailing on the water. The Sand in this particular place is nothing but the powdered coral, and it often glows.
You can find lots of water spot activities in this beautiful place. What’s more interesting in this place is the route to the beach. It has breathtaking visuals, as a traveler, you should go through the deep cacti groves, and you should cross the rocky cliffs for over 20mins before getting the sand route. So this place will be an exciting place to visit for any backpacker who loves to explore.

2. Enjoy windsurfing in a Cud De Sac:
If you are excited to spend some quality time in St.barts, then experience the windsurfing. This is one of the best things you should do in this beautiful st.barts. Along with the windsurfing, you can also enjoy kitesurfing. If you are new to the kitesurfing, then you will definitely enjoy that experience. It’s always worth a try to do both windsurfing and Kitesurfing.
In cud de sac, you will always find warm water because it is a sheltered bay, but the wind over here blows strongly enough to full fill the windsurfing and kitesurfing speed. You are a newbie who wants to experience windsurfing means you can join the readily available classes over there. After enjoying the sport, you can easily enjoy the best wine or beer in the beachside bar and restaurant.

3. Take a tour to Yacht filled Harbor Gustavia — Capital of St.barts:
Striving to do some shopping then you have to visit Gustavia. It is the main town and the capital city of St.barts as well. If you want to click some selfies, then the capital city is the best place because you will find some best places over there such as Sweden forts, white beaches, yacht harbor and so on.
You can also find some unique boutiques over there to buy some fashionable dresses. Apart from that you can enjoy yacht tours and go on for shipping as well. Gustavia town is generally crowded with backpackers and locals, so you can mix with them to get some knowledge over their lifestyle and so. Apart from these, you can climb up to the hill to get breathtaking views of shell beach. It is the perfect spot to take a perfect photo which makes your friends jealous.

4.Scuba Diving at Kayli

Love to see water life underwater then try scuba diving. You can experience the scuba diving at the Kayli; it is one of the marine reserves in the island. In general, the marine reserve is divided into five zones around the sea in that the Kayli is one of the spots. This is an unmissable spot in the st.barts. Every scuba diver should visit this place because it is the best scuba diving spot in that entire region. You can take a 30m dive where you will find wide varieties of tropical fishes. You can see all the sea turtles, dolphins and even reef sharks as well. So don’t miss this on St.barts tour.

5. Eat Delicious food on Beachside local restaurants:
It is always best to take a break for having some mouth-watering food. You can find delicious seafood on this special island all along the beach line. Taste the best food at the local owned eateries around the beach and st.barts. You can even find Asian cuisine at st.barts but only in a few restaurants. In some restaurants, you can also try American dishes as well.  You can visit beach hut to eat sample fish dishes, or you can even try cheeseburger in the paradise.

6.Enjoy Surfing at Lorient:
If you want to enjoy surfing? Then you can enjoy that in Lorient. St.barts always offers decent surfing options as you will always get the right amount of waves and has decent wind speed to move the waves faster as well. You can visit the Lorient beach which is on the north side of the island, and you can enjoy the surfing experience with surfboards. If you want you can rent surfboards and enjoy your surfing.

7. Take a sunbath on Grande Saline Beach:
Most of the people always enjoy sunbathing on beaches. If you are the one who loves to do sunbathing then Grande Saline beach is the best spot for you.  You can enjoy sunbathing in the rocky hills on the south coast of the island. The Grande Saline beach is one of the most secluded stretches of sandy beach.
It is backed up by the grass-topped hills and dunes. As a traveler, you can always take a sunbath on this special saline beach. But make sure you carry one umbrella with you to get some shade.

These are the best and exciting things to do in  st.barts. Hope you enjoy this experience in your st.barts tour.

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