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What does comfort food mean to you ? For me its something that i’ve grown up eating,something that rekindles my childhood memories,something that comforts me…. in brief simple home cooked food.Though i love eating in restaurants…end of the day if you ask me,nothing can beat simple home cooked food. Today’s post is one such comforting traditional Madhwa Brahmin specialty  dish from Karnataka — Huli Tovve . This Huli tovve is one of the must in Bangalore – Mysore traditional function meal .

Tovve” in Kannada basically means Dal and ” Huli ” is basically Sambar / something tangy … So Huli tovve together is  is basically an alternate to sambar . Huli Tovve tastes perfect with hot rice accompanied with some ghee .  And also its a no onion garlic dish . Spices like cinnamon, cloves , kapok buds , poppy seeds brings a unique flavour and aroma to this sambar . The consistency of huli tovve will be thicker than the usual sambar . The common veggies used are Ridge gourd / chayote squash / yellow pumpkin / mixed veggies . Today i am showing the step by step method to make huli tovve using ridge gourd .. you can use any veggie and the method remains same . Huli tovve + Majji ge huli + ambode .. one deadly combo . You must try it once if you haven’t . So are you ready to jot down the recipe Karnataka Style Huli Tovve recipe … here you go …

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huli tovve

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Course side dish
Cuisine indian
For the seasoning:
huli tovve
  1. Wash and roughly peel the ridge gourd to remove sharp ridges. You need not peel the skin completely. The removed peel can be used to do ridge gourd chutney .Cut the ridge gourd into chunks. Add a pinch of turmeric , water and keep to cook . No need to make mushy . Cook 60-70 % .
  2. Clean and Wash Toordal . Add a big pinch of haldi and pressure cook them together for 3-4 whistles . Mash it nicely .
  3. Take a small kadai or pan . Add a tsp of oil and fry all the ingredients under ‘to grind’ category except poppy seeds and coconut. When done , switch off and add poppy seeds . Toss few times .Do not fry coconut.
  4. Grind the fried masala with coconut and little water to make smooth paste.
  5. Transfer cooked dal , ground masala paste, tamarind pulp , jaggery and salt to the cooked ridge gourd. Add water to get desired consistency. Bring huli tovve to boil . Taste test
  6. Now heat oil in kadai and temper with the ingredients mentioned and add it to the Huli tovve and stir well.
  7. That's it simple Huli Tovve is ready to serve. Enjoy it with hot rice drizzled with few drops of ghee .
    huli tovve
Recipe Notes


  • In the above , i have shown the method of making huli tovve using ridge gourd . Instead you can used mixed veggies / chayote sqaush ( chow chow / seeme badnekayi ) / Pumpkin etc .
  • The masala used for grinding is basically Bisi bele bath powder masala .. so instead of roasting fresh .. if you already have bisi bele bath powder ready .. you can use that ..


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    September 10, 2017 at 9:26 am

    Good recipe…one thing is a bit of difference ..for living abroad you can make the spice mix dry roasted in a paste form….can be stored in the frig….the shelf life is three days.while cooking add half can of coconut milk…instead of jaggery use light brown sugar …Thanks for sharing your recipe. The app is awesome !

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