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Instant Upma mix  Recipe / Homemade Instant upma mix recipe | ready to eat Instant Upma mix with detailed step by step photo recipe.


  • Are you travelling out of country and want to be safe carrying your own food ?
  • Is your bachelor son / daughter going away from home for studies / work ? Worried about their food ?
  • Are you leaving your novice , busy hubby back home ?
  • Are you looking for some handy options to fix breakfast in a jiffy ?

The solution to all the above situations lies in my today’s post ” Instant Upma Mix / Homemade Ready to eat Instant Rava upma Mix ” .. a perfect bachelor friendly ,  travel friendly and quick fix recipe  . It is simple yet delicious . I always love to  stock this instant mix in my pantry as its very handy for busy mornings . It’s also a great option to carry along while travelling especially if you are in a foreign country and you are a vegetarian finding a veg food option in foreign countries could be a tough time . In those situations , this Instant upma Mix could be great help and and give us some satisfaction of  home cooked food within mins .instant rava upma mix

Now a days in market you can see so many ready to eat packets .Though we all know these colorful tetra packs are filled with preservatives .. we end up buying as the word “Instant” / ” Ready To Eat ” attracts us . Let me tell you making them at home is so simple , easy and delicious too . Plus homemade is zero preservative …. make once and sit back relaxed for next few days . I always pack this instant upma mix , instant gojjavalakki mix  , Instant poha mix etc  to my hubby when he is travelling abroad . He just have to add hot water in the ready upma mix , mix and allow it to sit for 2-3 mins or microwave for 2 mins ( for better taste ) .. soft and fluffy Upma is ready in few minutes.As easy as maggi right ??  So are you ready to see how to make Instant Upma mix … Here you go ..

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Course breakfast
Course breakfast
  1. Heat oil and ghee mixed in a kadai and splutter mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal . Add Cashew nuts and jeera . Fry till cashew starts to turn golden.
  2. Add chopped curry leaves , broken red chiilies , finely chopped green chillies and ginger .
  3. Saute till chillies , curry leaves is crisp and flavorful .
  4. Now to the same kadai , add sooji rava . Combine everything and mix well .
  5. Roast it for 7-8 mins on medium flame till rava color changes slightly and its aromatic . Raw smell should go . Keep mixing and roast the rava properly.But take care not to keep it on high flame , it will only burn rava and won't be roasted properly . Once done, Switch off the flame and allow the rava to cool a bit .
  6. Once it's little cool , add salt and nimbu phool for tangyness . Mix well .
  7. Once the upma rava mix has cooled completely well , pack it in ziplock cover or air tight container . Instant ready to eat home made upma mix is ready .
To make Rava Upma from Mix
  1. On Stove top : Take a pan . Boil 2.5 cup water .When the water comes to roll boil, simmer the flame completely and add 1 cup of upma mix. Mix well without lumps and check for taste. Add salt if needed.Cover & cook the upma for 2-3 minutes. Fluff the upma and serve hot. In Microwave : Take microsafe bow and boil 2.5 cup water . Add 1 cup upma rava to it . Mix and keep back in oven for 2-3 mins . Enjoy hot . Using mug :If you don't have any stove / microwave ; Boil hot water from elector kettle. In a thick quality mug , take 3 tbsp upma mix . Add around 6 tbsp rolling hot water to it . Mix well .Cover with a lid . Let it sit for 3-4 mins . Upma mix would have absorbed all the water and upma would be ready . Fluff and relish hot .
    homemade rava upma mix
Recipe Notes
  • Roastinig the rava is the key for shelf life and best upma . IF you roast well .. no need to refrigerate . Stays good for 2 months easily if handled well . If kept in refrigerator .. 4-5 months no issues .
  • You can use 1: 2.5 cup Upma mix : water proportion.
  • If fresh lime is available , you can use that for tanginess instead of nimbu phool .
  • If you have veggies available , while making upma , you can add finely chopped onion , peas , other veggies ,corinader leaves etc like we use regular upma. But don't add all these while making
  • You can follow the same recipe to make instant vermicelli upma .

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