For Seasoning :
  1. Roast the moongdal on medium flame till it turns slightly red. Cook it along with the water and turmeric powder in a pressure cooker till you hear 4-5 whistles. Alternatively, if you are running out of time, skip the roasting part and directly pressure cook moong dal and keep aside.Moong dal should be mushy.
  2. Mean while, wash the poha,drain all the water and keep aside . No need to soak .. it will get cooked later .
  3. In a heavy bottom vessel / kadai do the seasoning.Heat ghee + oil mix. Splutter mustard . Later add cashew , jeera, Curry leaves , green chilli slit , ginger , red chilli , crushed pepper corns, hing and turmeric. Saute till raw smell from ginger goes and cashews are golden brown .
  4. Now add cooked moong dal ,salt and water to the seasoning. Mix well . Bring it to boil. This mixture should be little watery , also spicy and salty . When we add poha .. it will absorb water and spices and will be perfect .
  5. Once the dal mixture starts boiling, add poha and mix well. You will observe that poha absorbs water quickly .If required add little more water.
  6. Simmer the stove and allow it boil for 4-5 mins so that poha is cooked and absorbs the flavors of the spices added. You can see , pongal has got nice semi solid texture now .
  7. Lastly top it with little ghee , grated dry coconut ( optional ) . MIx and switch off.
  8. Aromatic,Mouth Watering Poha Pongal is ready . Enjoy it hot only as such or with huli gojju / coconut chutney / sambar .
Recipe Notes

 Note :

  • Serve the pongal when it is hot. Else,poha will absorb the liquid and turn it into mass.
  • You can adjust the consistency of pongal as per your choice .Some like it soupy and some as semisolid type.
  • Instead of fully moong dal, you can use moong and tuvar dal in 60:40 ratio.


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