Instant Gojjavalakki Mix
Authentic recipe from Karnataka.,which is simple yet delicious . It is spicy , tangy and little sweetish
Spl magic masala ( Dont skip )
For Tempering
  1. Take small amounts of beaten rice and coarsely powder it by pulsing couple of times in a mixer . Make sure you don’t powder it finely.It should be like the Rava consistency. Transfer it to a big mixing bowl .
  2. Next take a kadai / pan . Add few drops of oil and fry tamarind on low flame such that they become crisp . Once it cools , powder them to get tamarind powder .
  3. Meanwhile to the same kadai / pan , add few drops of oil and roast chana dal,urad dal,pepper and sesame seeds till it gives out nice aroma.Cool and set aside.
  4. Transfer the roasted spices , salt , jaggery and dry coconut pieces to a mixer and dry grind them to make a powder ( no need super smooth ) . If you want you can skip dry coconut (kopra)/ add grated version lastly just for garnishing . 
  5. Prepare the tempering.Heat oil in a pan .When the oil is hot enough,add mustard seeds,peanuts,urad dal, chana dal. When they splutter add haldi,hing , red chilli , curry leaves and switch off.
  6. Now time to mix everything together . To the coarse poha powder pour tempering , add rasam powder , tamarind powder , Masala + sesame + kopra mix ( the one we made in step 4 ) . Mix everything well . Taste test . Salt ,spice and tang should be little more . They will get balanced later . 
  7. Now the instant Gojju avallakki mix / Tamarind poha mix is ready . Store in air tight container and use as when required . Stays good for months together even in room temperature if handled well .
How to make Gojjavalakki from ready to eat Instant mix :
  1. In a bowl take gojjavalakki mix as required . ( Note that after soaking , quantity of poha will double . So if you need 1 cup gojjavallakki , better to take only 3/4 th cup of instant mix )
  2. Add regular water / warm water such that it stands about 1 cm above the poha . Mix well. At this point the poha should be little watery. Mix it once and allow it to rest for 15-20 mins. The poha will soak up all the water and will puff up later .
  3. After 15 – 20 mins , you will see that all the water would have been absorbed and gojju avalakki would have got desired consistency .
  4. Gently mix once and Serve gojjavalakki as such or with curds. Personally, I love to have this with thick curd because of its sweet-sour-spicy flavor. 
Recipe Notes
  1. Poha must be thick type only.
  2. Before making a coarse powder, you can just make poha a bit crisp as it eases the process. It can be made crisp either by keeping in Sun or dry roasting a bit in gas /oven.
  3. After adding tamrind-rasam powder-salt-jaggery to the coarse poha mix,Taste it.The mixture should taste little strong,there should be a little extra of all ingredients, as  poha is yet to absorb the spices.
  4. If you want you can omit ,dal-pepper-sesame powder .But i would recommend you to add it as it gives extra taste.
  5. Addition of kopra is purely optional but i add always as it enhances the taste . Don’t worry .. since we are using kopra .. shelf life wont be reduced .
  6. you can increases the quantity proportionately .

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