Nellikai Chitranna
to temper
  1. Wash rice and cook it in the proportion 1 : 2.5 ie 1 glass rice 2.5 glass water.The cooked rice grains should be separate,not mushy.Once cooked, spread the cooked rice on a wide plate.This will make the grains separate further & also helps to cool quickly.Allow the rice to cool completely.
  2. Wash Amla and roughly chop. Discard the seeds.
  3. Roughly grind Amla, green chilli and salt. No need to add water or grind smooth .. just coarse.
  4. Heat oil in a thick bottom pan / kadai. When oil is hot, add mustard seeds,urad dal, channa dal and ground nuts. When mustard seeds splutter nicely, add red chilly and curry leaves. Saute. Add turmeric .
  5. Add coarsely grind amla masala . Saute for 3-4 mins .
  6. Lastly , add grated coconut and chopped coriander, switch off. Mix everything nicely.
  7. Masala for nellikai chitranna ready. You can save it for a few days and use as and when required.
  8. Add cooked cooled rice to the pan.Mix them thoroughly & gently. Ensure no rice lumps are formed.Taste test. If you feel its little bland add the remaining masala and mix .
  9. Tangy Nellikai chitranna / amla rice is ready to serve. Serve at room temperature as such or with papad / raitha.
Recipe Notes
  • Few amlas will be tangier. So it’s better to add masala to rice in small portions, mix and taste; rather than adding whole quantity at once. If you feel its bland, you can always fix it out easily by mixing the remaining masala.
  • Above masala of chitranna ( after tempering and frying ; without coconut ) stays fresh without fridge upto a week . You can do more quantity and use as and when required . This helps your hubby too , in case he has to manage home in your absence.
  •  Once the rice is cooked, transfer it to wide plate ,spread gently and allow it to cool. This way the rice grains get separated and eases uniform mixing.Rice has to be cooled nicely mixing with the tempering. Else lumps will be formed and dish becomes sticky . DONT FORGET IT ..
  •  Instead of grinding, you can also grate amla and use finely chopped green chilli and later add it to the tempering.

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