To Temper
  1. Wash and dice raw mango to the size required. If you want you can peel off skin .. I usually don’t.
  2. Take a pan / kadai . Splutter mustard, jeera, methi seeds, hing, Red chilli and curry leaves in ghee/oil.
  3. Add diced raw mango, haldi and salt. Saute 2-3 mins
  4. Meanwhile .. in a bowl whisk besan and water such that they are lump free. Keep aside.
  5. Add besan batter + 1 cup water to the sauteed raw mango. Mix. Cover and cook kadhi for 10 mins till raw mango is cooked .
  6. Once raw mango is cooked, besan is cooked .. simmer the flame and boil the kadhi well. Taste test and check consistency. Add salt/water if required .. mix.
  7. Prepare a tempering. heat oil/ghee. Splutter curry leaves .. switch off and add red chilli powder. If ghee is very hot, chilli powder will get burnt taste… hence always add when oil is not too hot.
  8. Pour the tempering over raw mango kadhi. Mix and allow kadhi to sit for 3-4 mins.
  9. Enjoy Raw mango Kadhi with hot rice .. tangy and tasty.
Recipe Notes

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