Sakkare Achhu / Sugar Moulds – are basically sugar figurines made from purified sugar syrup .
Prep Time
Cook Time
Prep Time
Cook Time
Prep up wooden moulds
  1. Soak the wooden moulds in water overnight / 5-6 hours .
  2. Later , join the pairing moulds and hold them together firmly using rubber bands . Keep all the moulds ready before you start making the sugar syrup . If you are using silicone moulds .. skip the first 2 steps.
Sugar Syrup Prep
  1. Soak 1 cup of sugar in 1/2 cup water for 2-3 hours . If you soak more also .. no problem .
  2. Mix well and keep the sugar solution on medium flame and bring it to a gentle boil.
  3. When the the sugar solution has started boiling .. add 2 tbsp of milk and mix. Bring to a boil .
  4. Sieve the sugar syrup using a muslin cloth over an other vessel .
  5. Place the strained sugar syrup back to flame. When it’s about to boil ..add a tbsp of curd. Mix. Bring to boil . Observe the scum collecting on top . Sieve using a muslin cloth and strain the scum .
  6. Now place the pure sugar syrup on the flame and keep stirring in between . After sometime you will see that the syrup starts boiling .. keep the flame on low and stir in between . Soon after sometime .. you will observe that the sugar syrup has started to thicken and a thick frothing starts .
  7. At this point , take off the syrup from heat and start beating the syrup vigorously till the frothing settles . Once the frothing settles..observe the sugar syrup . If it’s transparent.. it means sugar syrup has not yet reached the desired consistency .
  8. Put the syrup back on flame and bring to boil . Thick frothing starts .. take off the syrup from heat and start beating the syrup vigorously again till the frothing settles . Observe the sugar syrup . If it’s still transparent.. it means sugar syrup is not ready . You might have to do this heating beating step some 5-6 times till you get the perfect syrup .
  9. Finally our sugar syrup is ready when it looks translucent.. kind of cloudy white types ..castor oil thickness types .. hope you are clear what i mean . This is the perfect consistency of sugar syrup for making sakkare acchu .
  10. If you want to make colored achhu .. add pinch of color at this stage and mix quickly .
Time to make Sakkare Achhu
  1. Pour hot sugar syrup into the prepared moulds quickly . Tap in between so that sugar syrup gets distributed evenly and no air bubble is trapped .
  2. Allow the syrup to set and solidify in the mold for 10-15mins. Remove the rubber bands and gently open the wooden moulds . Take a pin / tooth pick gently separate the achhus from the molds . Remove the achhu carefully from the molds with the help of a sharp knife or a tooth pick.
  3. Our Sakkare Achuachu ‘s are ready !!! Arrange them on a plate , Sundry for 1-2 hours and store them in an airtight container . No need to refrigerate .. they stay good for months !!!
Recipe Notes
  • If you are using wooden moulds you must soak them before using . Even if you are making second batch of acchu , soak the moulds for sometime and use . For silicon moulds this step is not required .
  • Always use coarse sugar . If the sugar is fine .. sakkare achhu won’t come proper .
  • Soaking sugar makes a soft n melt in mouth sakkare acchu.
  • Addition of milk and curd helps to get soft white sakkare achchu .They help in removing the impurities from sugar
  • I you want you can add  few drops of lemon juice towards the end for that citrus hint .
  • Always make sakkare achhu in small batches .
  • If you want to do large quantity , in that case … divide the purified sugar syrup ( ie strained syrup  after adding curds ) in 3-4 parts and then proceed to thicken the sugar syrup batch by batch .
  • While pouring you must be really quick . Beat and keep pouring quickly .
  • Still while pouring , if the sugar syrup hardens … don’t panic .. you can remelt it by adding 1-2 tsp water / reserved sugar syrup .
  • While removing from the moulds ..if the achchu breaks don’t waste it . You can remelt them and pour back to the moulds .
  • If you don’t have wooden moulds .. you can use silicone moulds to make them . this is how it turned for me…. super easy to make …

Sakkare achhu using silicone moulds

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