1. Put a stainless steel plate / spoon in the freezer.
  2. Wash, discard leaf and pat dry strawberry to remove any moisture.
  3. Slice the strawberry thin and transfer it into a pan or kadai.
  4. Add sugar. Combine.
  5. Keep the pan on medium heat .. you will see that sugar starts melting. At this stage, squeeze lime or add few crystals of citric acid ( nimbu uppu). This helps in preventing crystallization .
  6. Keep stirring in between for 3-4 mins. Strawberry will start leaving juice and would have started softening. Mash well to get a smooth consistency. I used pavbhaji masher to make the process easy.
  7. Continue to boil for another 7-8 minutes on medium flame… jam starts thickening slowly .
  8. As it thickens,stir consistently and reduce the flame. Make sure not to overcook.The froath will start reducing too .
  9. To check the consistency, Method 1- Spoon test . Take out the spoon from freezer. Dip the cool metal spoon into the mixture and make sure the mixture doesn’t drop off. If it does .. continue to cook further.
  10. Method 2 : Take the cool plate from the freezer . Drop little jam on to it . If jam is not dripping and sets .. that mean’s it’s done .
  11. Switch off. Allow to cool . Jam becomes little bit thicker as it cools down. Transfer into clean sterilized glass bottles.
  12. Enjoy homemade Strawberry Jam as and when required for toast , sandwich , bun , chapathi etc .
Recipe Notes
  • Amount of sugar can be adjusted based on the tartness of strawberry .
  • You can increase the quantity of jam proportionately .
  • No need to puree Strawberry . I just finely slice strawberry or chop fine and use. Little chunky is ok . However, if you want to skip mashing step .. you can puree.

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