3 Things You Can Expect When Taking Gabapentin for Nerve Pain

In extreme levels, diabetic nerve pain can be devastating and life-threatening. Since its effects include the lack of motor coordination, a burning sensation and even the loss of touch, it can lead to a complete flip in your life. In these extreme cases, medication can be offered to reverse the effects or control their intensity. Gabapentin can be administered to help cure your nerve pain. While using this drug, expect the following things:

1) Effectiveness

The drug is administered orally to both children and adults. It has been proven to work as a first-line medication treatment option for diabetic nerve pain. The drug has been around since 1993 after the FDA approved it. Once administered in the body, this drug undergoes a short absorption process, hence, works fast in relieving pain. The drug has been proven to reduce seizures and tingling caused by diabetic nerve pain. For this drug to be effective, you should take it at the right time and the correct dosage. It can be administered as a dose of 900 MG to 3600 Mg, which should be consumed 2 to 4 times a day. However, this prescription should come from a doctor. To learn more about gabapentin, read this article by Nerve Pain Treatment as it offers a wider scope of information on this area.

2) Ability to Work with Other Drugs

Gabapentin can be administered alone or with other drugs for effective treatment. This drug can work well and react as effective as it should despite being combined with your daily diabetic drugs. It can also be combined with painkiller gels and patches to relieve diabetic nerve pain fast. However, caution should be applied when being administered on you if you take stomach acid medication as these drugs inhibit the absorption rate of gabapentin in the body. Additionally, if you suffer from a kidney-related health condition, this drug should be administered with moderation depending on how your kidneys are working.

3) Side Effects

This drug has its side effects. The mild effects that can be experienced from consuming it include nausea, fever, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, and tremor. It can also cause serious effects such as anxiety and panic attacks, aggressiveness, loss of libido and trouble concentrating. You should not be alarmed if you do not suffer from either since these effects are largely different from one person to another.

Additionally, it should be administered as per the correct dosage since it can be addictive if you also have trouble sleeping. Pregnant and nursing mums with diabetes should seek medical advice first before taking gabapentin to avoid harming the unborn and the little children. In a few cases, it has been reported to cause allergic reactions such as swelling of the throat and tongue and causing difficulty in breathing while starting. In case you experience this or any other allergic reaction, stop administering it and consult a doctor for an alternative drug.

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