4 Steps to Hiring a Live Musician for Your Wedding

The wedding is always a fantastic time for friends and family to get together and celebrate the union of two individuals. For weddings to be perfect, however, a lot of things must go right including the catering, decorations, and music. Music is an essential part of a wedding day as it is a day of celebration and fun. Below are a couple of tips that can help you select the right live musician for your wedding.

  1.    Figure out What Kind of Music You Want
    There are lots of genres of music to choose from for your wedding. You may consider having classical music, pop, RnB, soul, or even rock. Keep in mind that this is your wedding and it is your day, and you are allowed to select whatever type of music that you love and want for your special day. Therefore, go through the list of all the genres and select that which feels best. After this, you will be in a much better position to select a musician that can specialize in the genre of music that you selected. Remember to consider the type of music that you want during different stages at your wedding. For instance, you may want smooth, slow playing songs as the guests arrive and something a little more upbeat during the reception. Put all these factors into consideration as you do your research.

    2.    Do Your Research
    Check out the list of live musicians that you are considering and read their reviews online. Look up their websites and identify the kind of services that they offer, in addition to some of the work that they have done in the past. This will help you know exactly what to expect at your wedding. Furthermore, if you would be interested in having a session such as a kayleigh dance, you may want to consider looking for a musician that would lead your guests in participating in such dances. This will add a lot of pomp and fun to your special day.

    3.    Set a Budget
    As you do your wedding preparations remember to factor music into your budget. Various live musicians charge differently, especially if they bring all their equipment. This will be costly because good musicians charge a good amount money. Moreover, it is best to meet with them beforehand and get to sort out issues with regards to accommodation, travel expenses, system charges, and their overall charges.

    4.    Go Through the List of Songs
    When you identify the musician that you want and are comfortable with, make sure you go through the playlist with them before the ceremony. This will ensure that you get a list of songs that you and all your guests are likely to enjoy and dance to. It is an important part of the preparation process since you will be at peace knowing that you have a playlist that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

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