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Today i am sharing a classic Karnataka special recipe  ” Avarekalu Usli / Avarekalu Curry ” . Avarekalu usli is a semi solid type of curry made from seasonal fresh Avarekalu / Field Beans .Its simple , very easy to make and super yummy to taste .. a must during avarekalu season !! Avarekalu usli with akki ubbu rotti / chapathi is one super yummy combination ….

avarekalu usli

For people who are wondering what is Avarekalu , let me tell its ” Hyacinth beans / field beans / flatbeans / lima beans “in English, in tamil ” Mochai ” , In Gujarati ” Surti Papdi Lilva ” , in MarathiVaal ” . So avarekalu saaru means a gravy / curry made of Field beans .

field beans

In Bangalore during the winter everywhere you can see these beans.We make so many dishes using them and infact during this season “avarekalu mela “too happens in Bangalore where a complete street is full of dishes made with Avarekalu. We have Avarekalu dosa,Avarekalu Idli,Avarekalu nippat,Avarekalu kodbale ,avarekalu upma etc . I have shared before in my blog Avarekalu mixture , avarekalu saaru , avarekalu saagu .. and today it’s Avrekalu usli . This curry i learnt from my mom who in turn from one of our neighbor aunty at Mysore . This Avarekalu usli used to be her favorite and during season she often used to make this along with ubbu rotti and parcel us too 🙂 … few neighbors are really sweet isn’t it ? Since then Avarekalu usli  has been mine and my family favorite .  You can make it like dry curry and eat as such or semi gravy types and serve as side dish  . I make it semi gravy type .They taste really amazing with chapathi , ubbu rotti etc . Do give a try protein packed dish and enjoy ..

Check Out the Video recipe here :

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avarekalu usli recipe
Course side dish
Cuisine karnataka
Course side dish
Cuisine karnataka
avarekalu usli recipe
  1. Take a pressure cooker and prepare the tempering . Add oil , mustard , cumin seeds . Once they splutter add hing , curry leaves and red chilli .
  2. Add chopped onion and saute for 2-3 mins . Add ginger garlic paste , turmeric powder and saute till onion turns translucent .
  3. Add avarekalu ( field beans ) and saute for 1-2 mins . Add salt to taste and around 1 cup of water . Pressure cook for 2 whistles .
  4. Meanwhile prepare masala for the avarekalu usli . To a mixer add Grated coconut , cumin seeds , handful of coriander leaves and green chilli . Add little water and make a smooth paste .
  5. Open the cooker once the the pressure releases from it and ground masala paste to it .
  6. Mix .. taste and if required add little water . Bring to boil .Finally squeeze lime and garnish with some more coriander leaves .
  7. Enjoy avarekalu usli with some hot ubbu rotti / chapathi .
    avarekalu usli recipe
Recipe Notes
  • Avarekalu usli tastes best with fresh tender seeds .
  • Don't skip hing , ginger garlic in this recipe as they help in reducing bloating effect caused by avarekalu .
  • Number of whistles ,water qty , green chilli quantity might vary .
  • Don't overcook the beans . That will make it mushy .

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