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Jackfruit Payasam Recipe With Step by step pics | How to do Jackfruit Payasam | Chakka Pradhaman Recipes with step by step photos | Chakka Payasam Recipe | Jackfruit Payasa |Halasina Hannina Payasa Recipe


Today, I have for you all a very traditional, super delicious, seasonal special ” Jackfruit Payasam recipe ” for you all. Popularly called as Chakka Pradhaman, this dessert is an integral part of Onam sadya ( feast ) . In Karnataka, it’s called as Halasina Hannina Payasa. No points for guessing who the hero of the dish is … of course the seasonal fruit Ripe JackFruit. Made with jackfruit, coconut milk and jaggery .. this payasam tastes just divine and absolute favourite. The aroma of jackfruit pieces cooked in coconut milk can pull anyone …

Every year during Jackfruit season, I make many authentic dishes using them like Jackfruit Idli, Jackfruit Mulka, etc and even store jackfruit in airtight container in freezer to use them later to make these delicious dishes. One can make these jackfruit dishes using fresh fruit or the ones preserved in freezer. Now that it’s Jackfruit season .. I made this payasam using fresh fruit . One can make jackfruit payasam either making coconut milk from scratch at home or use ready made coconut milk.  Though one may feel , making Jackfruit payasam could be difficult and elaborate .. but not at all . Do have a look and you will agree with me ..here you go ..


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Course dessert
Cuisine south indian
Course dessert
Cuisine south indian
  1. De-seed jackfruit pieces, roughly chop 75 % of them and blend them to make a puree. Don't add water / add minimum water while blending.
  2. Remaining 25 % jackfruit that we have kept aside , I have finely chopped them . We will be using it too along with puree to make payasam. When you get few chunks of the fruit while having payasam .. the feel is tastier.
  3. You can either use ready coconut milk or make them at home . To make homemade coconut milk, In a mixer jar, take grated coconut, cardamom and 1 cup warm water. Grind to a very fine paste . Pour the ground paste through a fine strainer. Press the coconut paste using a spoon/ladle to extract maximum coconut milk. This is thick milk keep aside.
  4. Transfer the leftover coconut residue to the mixer, add a cup of warm water and grind again. Extract coconut milk 2-3 times. This is thin coconut milk. Keep it aside. A detailed post on how to extract coconut milk is in a separate post of the blog.
  5. Roast cashews and finely chopped coconut pieces in 1-2 tsp of ghee .
  6. Once they are crisp and golden brown, keep cashews and coconut pieces aside.
  7. In a pan take jackfruit puree, finely chopped jackfruit pieces, jaggery and thin coconut milk. Remember not to add thick coconut milk at this stage .. it might curdle.
  8. When jackfruit has boiled well and cooked well... add thick coconut milk. Mix and bring to boil just once. Switch off. Note .. after adding thick coconut milk we should not boil more as it will spoil the taste.
  9. Lastly, add golden roasted cashews and coconut pieces.
  10. That's it .. Jackfruit payasam is ready . Enjoy Jackfruit Payasam, hot, warm or chilled, tastes great either way.
    chakka pradhaman recipe
Recipe Notes
  • If you want payasam to be thicker like eating in spoon type ...you can add little cooked channa dal / 1-2 spoon rice flour dissolved in water / 1-2 spoon roasted fine rava . I don't add any of these and like it plain.
    However, when cooks make it in function, they add cooked channa dal as they make in large quantity and have to serve many people.
  • Always remember not to boil payasam more after adding thick coconut milk.
  • Adjust jaggery quantity based on the sweetness of the fruit .

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