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Today i have for you all a popular restaurant style paneer side dish -” Kadai Paneer ” . This dish is typically served in kadai in restaurants . Making restaurant style kadai paneer at home is not difficult at all. Do try this simple gravy once .. i am sure you will love it ….Its creamy , delicious and spicy…

The key to the best kadai paneer lies in the freshly roasted spices and capsicum .Kadai paneer recipe that i am sharing today is adapted from a cookbook. It could be made dry, semi dry or gravy version. I usually make it semi gravy or gravy style.Cream is added at the end while making this gravy. It gives a nice rich flavor to the dish. If you want you can add some more cream on top at the time of serving as well. So what are you waiting for .. Do try this restaurant style Kadai Paneer right in your home and be ready to receive accolades….

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is a novelty for the vegetarians. It is widely loved by all age groups and its so versatile .Be it a dry vegetable, a gravy, a snack or a dessert ; paneer can fit in everywhere. Having said all that , I am not a paneer person . Somehow from childhood paneer doesn’t attract me . But my daughter is opposite she jusssstttt loves Paneer . Whenever we go to restaurant she likes to have something paneer based . So today i am sharing kadai paneer recipe  … here you go …

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Kadai Paneer recipe
Course side dish
Cuisine north indian
To saute and grind ( Onion - Tomato paste) :
For Kadai masala:
Course side dish
Cuisine north indian
To saute and grind ( Onion - Tomato paste) :
For Kadai masala:
Kadai Paneer recipe
Initial preparation  : 
  1. Cube paneer and add all the paneer cubes to hot water.Let it remain until ready to use. This gives paneer a soft melt-in-mouth texture.
  2. Dice onion and capsicum .
  3. Microwave or cook peas for about 2 whistles.
To make onion - tomato paste : 
  1. Add a tsp of oil and add the ingredients under 'to saute and grind' and saute till tomatoes turns little mushy.
  2. Cool down and grind it a fine paste.
To make Kadai Masala:
  1. Dry roast coriander seeds,red chillies,cinnamon ,cloves and elaichi until they turn slightly brown and starts releasing the aroma.
  2. Cool them and grind it in mixer to a coarse powder .
    kadai masala recipe
Now Time to assemble everything and prepare the yummy kadai masala gravy : 
  1. Heat butter in a kadai . Add cumin seeds and bay leaf. Let cumin seeds splutter.Add onion and saute till slightly browned.
  2. Next add the tomato paste and saute well for about 4-5 mins or till raw smell goes and color changes.
  3. Meanwhile , as the tomato onion paste is getting cooked , take another pan add little oil,toast capsicum and onion for 2mins,Set aside.Retain crunchiness .
  4. Once the raw smell of the tomato - onion paste goes and they start leaving oil , add haldi , kasoori methi , kadai masala , garam masala ,salt and sugar .Saute for 2 mins .
  5. Add cooked peas ,sauted capsicum and onion
  6. Add very little water and cook on low flame for 2- 3 mins. . Let the peas and veggies take in flavors .
  7. When the gravy starts giving a nice aroma, and the consistency is semi thick ,add in the diced paneer cubes (drain them out of the hot water before adding) and mix well. Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes so that paneer takes in flavor .
  8. Finally add in fresh cream , give a quick mix , Boil once , add chopped coriander leaves and switch off .
    make Kadai Paneer
  9. Yummy kadai paneer is ready to serve . Serve with phuka / chapathi / naan / kulch / pulao etc .
Recipe Notes
  1. The authentic recipe uses paneer cubes directly. However, you can tawa fry them in oil or ghee until light brown for variation in taste.
  2. Maintain the crunchiness of diced capsicum and onion .
  3. The same recipe can be adapted to make kadai vegetables or other kadai recipes .



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