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mavinakayi uppinakayi

No Indian meal is complete without pickles. Be it everyday home meal,restaurant thali or an elaborate meal at any function,pickles are a sure shot part of it . Pickles are sure to awaken our taste buds and make wonders . Though one can make pickles out various things,mango pickle is a popular choice.I already have an instant mango pickle recipe , Avakkai pickle andmango thokku in this space and today i am sharing my mothers recipe of making Cut mango pickle without oil . In Karnataka its known as ” Ketthe Mavinakayi Uppinakayi ” .This cut mango pickle will stay good for a years, if handled properly. This pickle has no oil hence its very important to add right amount of sea salt ( crystal salt ) which acts as preservative . I know i am a bit late in sharing this recipe , but still not too late to make pickles. Do try these no oil Cut Mango pickle and enjoy ..

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mavinkayi uppinakayi
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Course condiments
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mavinkayi uppinakayi
  1. Wash and wipe mango nicely with a cotton cloth such that there is no moisture left . Cut the mangoes to bite size pieces. Discard the seeds.
  2. Take a big cleaned dry glass bottles / pickle containers. Add about 1 tbsp salt into the jar . Add some mango pieces. Again add a tbsp of salt. Add some more pieces and layer with salt. Do this till all your your mango pieces are over . If you have any salt left over you can keep them aside to use it later for making salt water . Cover the lid and keep it aside for atleast 4-5 days . Mix it nicely each day with a clean dry spoon .
  3. Meanwhile Sun dry mustard seeds and chillies for 3-4 hours to make them little crisp. Dry roast them for few seconds .If you don't get sunlight you can warm it lightly too later.
  4. After 4-5 days , you will see that the mango cubes would have turned tender , discolored and lot of water would have oozed out . Using a strainer separate the mango cubes and water . Keep the salt water aside .
  5. To the separated salt water add 2 more cups water and 1 small fist of rock salt .Heat this up and allow it to boil well till it reduces to almost half . Switch off and allow the salt water to cool .
  6. Now take a clean dry mixer jar . Add sun dried mustard and chillies to it . Make a coarse powder .
  7. Next to the coarse mustard chilli powder add little cooled boiled salt water in steps and grind to get a smooth thick pickle sauce .
  8. Add this pickle sauce the drained mango cubes . Mix well . Add the remaining cooled boiled salt water to the pickle to get the desired consistency . Mix everything well in a wide mixing bowl .
  9. Transfer the pickle to the clean dry airtight storage jar .Let it rest for another 2-3 days so that the mango cubes takes in spices and later you can start using it . After a 3-4 days ,you transfer a small quantity of ready pickle to a small jar and temper it with some mustard and hing using coconut oil . Do note that tempering is purely optional and you can use the pickle as such too .
  10. That's it our spicy No oil Cut Mango pickle is ready to enjoy. Store in air tight jar always and use clean spoon. Stays good for 4-5 months without fridge and if refrigerated remains good for years. Tastes awesome with idli , dosa, curd rice, plain rice, neer dosa etc.
    mavinakayi uppinakayi
Recipe Notes
  1. Select raw, firm sour mangoes .
  2. After you clean mangoes , before putting to salt mix make sure there is no moisture. Any moisture will reduce the lifetime of pickle . Also make sure there is no moisture in jar , knife , spoon etc .
  3. Adjust salt and spice level as per tanginess of raw mangoes.
  4. Always use a mix of byadgi (gives color) and guntur ( for spiciness ) chilli .It gives your pickle nice color and spiciness too .
  5. The pickle when done should be more spicy , salty and tangy the first day .The taste will get balanced in next 2-3 days .
  6. If you feel after few days your pickle has become very thick , you can make required quantity of boiled salt water and add to pickle ,to get desired consistency .



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