No Compromises – Get Your Dream Car with ZAP

Buying a new car is an acquisition that reflects new-found freedom and success that you have worked hard for. It comes with exciting promises of road trips and easier commute, but the costs of getting your new ride can make you compromise on what you want. Pre-owned cars have become an option and there are sites when you can buy cars online, but when you are picking up a car that is not new, it comes with maintenance liabilities.

Getting a new car is intimidating because of the EMIs that will furrow into your monthly budget for years to come. So what do you do next? ZAP is an initiative that takes the best of shared economy principles and allows you to own a new car, the model that you want, while giving you the chance to mitigate the burden of monthly payments.

The concept is really simple, list your new car on the Zoomcar platform whenever you are not using it, and get in extra income. Many customers have earned up to 20,000 rupees a month by signing up for ZAP. That will certainly take your EMI blues away.

Zoomcar can also help you pick up a new car. The company shares a great relationship with India’s top car manufacturers and you can get a low price car through special rates. You will also have access to a large network of loan providers and choose the scheme that suits you best.

Main prerequisites for being a ZAPster include registering your new car with a commercial license under Zoomcar. This is a compliance requirement and also protects you from any liabilities while your car is listed with Zoomcar. This way you are getting your extra income without any worries. The car needs to be fitted with Cadabra, a hi-tech maintenance alert tool. With updates on various aspects of car health coming on an app, you stay on top of maintenance issues and save lots of money. You can also track your car at all times through GPS. Listing on Zoomcar is a seamless app-based process and you are not required to interact directly with the customers.

Being a ZAPster will give you all the joys of owning a car, while you also get to utilize it to earn for you instead of sitting idle in the garage. Take charge of your own mobility – gain freedom with no compromises. Own your dream car.

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