Aam Panna -A refreshing ,cooling and healthy drink to beat the heat . Its sweet,tangy ,spicy, bursting with flavors
  1. Wash raw mangoes and pressure cook the raw mangoes in enough water for 3-4 whistles till they become mushy .alternatively , you can peel , dice and pressure cook mango
  2. Peel off skin, take out just the pulp and discard the seed . Mash the pulp nicely with hand blender or in a mixer .
  3. Add about 1/2 cup water and sugar to the squeezed mango pulp and keep on flame . Cook on low flame and bring to a boil . Let it boil for 5-10 mins . You will see that mango pulp will thicken a bit .
  4. Meanwhile grind without adding water cumin powder , black salt ,pepper powder and mint leaves .Make powder .
  5. Once the syrup boils and thickens a bit , remove from flame.Add powdered spice powder to the mango juice and squeeze lemon juice to it . Mix well .
  6. Raw mango preserve is ready . Store aam panna preserve in an air tight jar or bottle and refrigerate . Stays good for months .
  7. For making the drink, take 2-3 tablespoons of aam panna preserve and add 3/4 cup water. Mix well .Garnish with crushed mint leaves and ice cubes. Serve immediately.
Recipe Notes
  • Some raw mangoes are fibrous, after boiling if you find fibres then strain it to get the pulp alone.
  • Boiling the raw mango pulp wih sugar increases the shelf life .
  • You can use jaggerry instead of sugar .
  • The preserve should be concentrated / strong in taste as it has to be diluted later .
  • Use a clean spoon when ever you are handling the preserve.This increases the shelf life.,

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