1. Clean puffed paddy well ( pick out any dry husk if there) and keep side .
  2. Deskin ash gourd , remove the soft part and finely chop the hard region .
  3. Pressure cook sabudana in small cooker for 1-2 whistle . If you want you can cook them directly in a pan too . Sieve extra water .
  4. Roughly do chilli paste .
  5. Take a big mixing bowl . To that add cooked sabudana, ash gourd,chilli paste , chopped coriander , hing and salt and mix well .
  6. Take another big vessel with water.Add aralu little by little in steps to the water .Dampen it, lighly press it between your palms to squeeze out extra water (Do lightly;dont put much pressure – or else aralu will get powdered)
  7. And add it to the mixing bowl having sabudana spicy mixture. Repeat the same for entire aralu.
  8. When done, gently mix the entire mix with your finger tips. Dont add any extra water or pressure.
  9. Now take a big tray / plastic sheet . lightly grease it . Wet your hands slightly , take a small ball of aralu sandige mix and press it very gently to the sides of the vessel ,give a shape and place on tray.
  10. Continue the process till whole stuff is emptied . You need not wet your for each one.
  11. Sundry them for 1-3 days till they are completely dried .Remove them and store in air tight containers .
  12. Deep fry Aralu Sandige whenever you need. Makes a perfect evening snack or as an accompaniment along with bisibelebath / lemon rice / rasam rice etc .
Recipe Notes
  1. Make sure to squeeze out water nicely from aralu .And also while squeezing do it with gentle hands .
  2. Mixing also should be done gently .
  3. While shaping , don’t press and shape the mix hard . If you press them hard , after frying the sandiges will turn hard . Press it just lightly such that all you bring together all the stuff. Hope i am clear !!
  4. For additional taste you can add some finely chopped methi leaves too .
  5. As a variation , instead of ashgourd you can add finely chopped onions . If adding ashgourdd , you can chop them previous night itself .
  6. Sabudana is added here as binding agent and also gives some extra crunchiness .
  7. Dont keep the sandige mix for a long time . Shape it soon and sundry . Else the mix will become soggy.If doing in large quntity, you can mix in batches.
  8. While deep frying maintain medium temperature else they will become hard in the centre.
  9. If you don’t get aralu , you can replace them with either thick aval ( poha / beaten rice ) or puffed rice ( murmura ) .However taste varies .