Sundried fryums made from thick beaten rice
  1. Soak sabudana overnight .In the morning drain water .
  2. Soak thick variety poha in curd and allow it to soak for about 2-3 hours .
  3. Meanwhile grind sabudana , green chilli , coriander leaves, jeera , hing and salt to fine paste .
  4. After about 2 hours , mash poha nicely . To the mashed poha , add the ground green masala . Mix nicely . If required sprinkle little water .
  5. Now grease your hands and knead the spicy poha dough nicely . The dough will be sticky don’t worry but it should not be watery . You should be able to make big stiff balls as shown in picture.
  6. Take your chakli press . Select the star mould if you want to shape it as chakli . Grease the chakli mould .
  7. Wash big polythene sheets and dry .After it dries grease it lightly  . Spread it neatly in a sunny place and place weights / stones in the corners so that plastic sheet do not fly .
  8. Now fill the greased mould with poha dough . Start making chakli from one corner of the polythene sheet . You can either press and make neat chaklis or just press to give random shapes in order to save time .
  9. Sundry these fryums for 3-4 days in hot sun to completely dry them .
  10. Once dry , store Poha fryums in air  tight containers and use as and when required . Stays good for years if handled properly .
  11. Deep fry the fryums and relish them with your meal or enjoy it with your tea or serve as snack for unexpected guests . Which ever i am sure you will love this mildly tangy – spicy , extremely crispy sundried poha fryums . Enjoy !!!
Recipe Notes
  1. While making the poha dough , be careful . It should not be watery . If it becomes watery , you won’t be able to press in chakli moulds .
  2. What to do if the poha dough cocsistency becomes watery / loose ? Don’t worry you can fix it . Powder the dry thick / thin poha in a mixer nice to get a fine powder . Add to the watery dough and fix to get the desired consisitency
  3. Masala you can add as per your preference . You can add ginger / onion / red chilli / etc .
  4. If you don’t have a chakli mould , u can give pat with hand too .
  5. if you want you can omit sabudana. but its addition gives nice texture.

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