For grinding
For the seasoning
  1. Firstly chop all the vegetables  into 1 inch long pieces.  Chop raw banana and yam and keep it immersed in water to avoid discolouration
  2. Add all the chopped vegetables,slit green chilly,turmeric and salt to a big pan / vessel . Add some water, mix well and bring it to boil.  Once it starts boiling, reduce the flame, cover with a lid and let it cook in medium flame.  Don’t add too much water and also take care that the veggies don’t get overcooked.
  3. Mean while, add all the ingredients given under “for grinding” in a mixer jar,grind to a smooth paste adding little water .
  4. Once the vegetables are just cooked , add the ground coconut mixture, and mix it gently.  Taste test . if required add some more salt. The consistency of aviyal can be adjusted as per your preference.
  5. When the aviyal has just started to boil , simmer the flame.Add curd and a tbsp of raw coconut oil . Gently mix and switch off .Prepare a seasoning of mustard seeds and curry leaves in coconut oil . Pour the hot tempering on aviyal and cover the pan with a lid to retain the flavours and aroma .
  6. Serve yummy ,flavourful aviyal with steamed rice / adai dosa (Tamilnadu famous combo ) .
Recipe Notes


  1. There is no specific quantity for each veggie – add it as per your choice..Plus/ minus is fine ….The commonly used vegetables for making aviyal are beans, carrot , long beans, peas, ash gourd ,ivy gourd, drumstick ,potato, yam, raw banana , pumpkin, brinjal,cucumber ….you can use all of them or as many vegetables you can get in your prefered quantity / choice.
  2. Don’t avoid raw banana / yam . It gives nice texture .
  3. Never ever overcook the veggies in aviyal and make it mushy . Should be little crunchy.Its better to cook veggies for aviyal in a vessel so that you can check in between . Cooking in cooker is risky.
  4. If you wan’t to make aviyal dry ..like sabzi type , add very less water while cooking the veggies and coarse grind the masala .
  5. If you want to make aviyal curry type , grind the masala to a very smooth paste . that will give a nice consistency to the gravy . Else water will be seperate and coconut masala will be seperate . Hope i am able to convey what i mean .
  6. Don’t over boil aviyal . Overboiling will make coconut curdle and the consistency will spoil .
  7. The tip of adding raw coconut oil while boiling , i got it from a cook who is a regular in my home for all functions. He was right ,It takes it to a new level.Actually ,he adds more than a tbsp but atleast to go near to that taste i add just a tbsp. If you want you can increase the qty or omit it completely.
  8. Aviyal is basically mildly spiced . So i have added chilly less for the authentic taste . If you want you can increase.
  9. Few people instead of curd add tamarind while grinding masala. you can make that way too . Some don’t add curd / tamarind. So its your personal choice .
  10. Aviyal tastes best with fresh veggies and coconut .

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