” Beetroot Halwa / Beetroot Pudding “ a delicious dessert with the goodness of beetroot,milk and assorted nuts
  1. Wash,peel the skin and grate beetroot using food processor or by grater.
  2. Heat a tsp of ghee in a thick bottom kadai / pan and saute raisins ,cashews and almonds in it,one by one.When they turn golden brown remove and keep aside.
  3. To the same pan add grated beetroot and saute for about 2-3 mins.
  4. Next add milk.Let the beetroot cook in milk uncovered ,on medium flame.Stir once in a while.Continue the process till the beetroot drinks almost all milk. This might take about 15-20 mins.
  5. When the mixture is almost dry ,add sugar,khova and mix well. Cook till sugar dissolves and gets mixed well with the beetroot.
  6. Now add ghee,cardamom powder,citric acid crystals powder and nuts.Mix well.Stir till the mixture thickens and becomes a single lump. **Refer note 1
  7. Switch off the flame and serve hot /at room temp or chilled .Remains fresh for about a week in refrigerator.Can heat while serving.Here’s a spoon for you all …. Enjoy !!
Recipe Notes
  1. After cooling, the halwa will thicken a bit. So off it when its little gooey. Don’t make the end result too dry else halwa will become hard.
  2. Addition of khova/khoya is optional. That will give a nice rich texture and taste to the halwa.
  3. If using thick full fat milk /condensed milk , better omit khoya .
  4. Some beetroots will be too sweet . So add sugar little in the beginning.
  5. i like to add a pinch of citric acid crystals to it. That gives a slight tanginess which i like. Its your wish to add.


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