1. Wash, wipe the okra properly using dry kitchen cloth.Cut the head of Bhindi, and then length wise into two long slices.
  2. Chop onion to thin slices and grate ginger .
  3. In a pan heat oil .Once hot ,add the cumin seeds. When they splutter add haldi , ginger ,onions and bhindi .
  4. Stitr fry onion and bhindi mix on medium flame for about 8-10 mins stirring in between ocassionally so that they don’t stick to bottom / burn .
  5. Once they are almost cooked ( the sliminess coming out from them would have stopped ) add red chilli powder , dhania jeera powder,garam masala ,aamchoor and salt .
  6. Mix well and cook for another 4-5 mins so that bhindi takes in all the spices .
  7. Switch off the heat and serve hot bhindi do pyaza with hot phulka /. chapathi .
Recipe Notes
  1. To avoid bhindi turning slimy , dry / wipe the bhindi properly after washing . If the bhindi is wet , subzi will turn slimy .
  2. If you have time , after chopping the bhindi , its better to keep in fridge for about 1-2 hours . This will help in reducing sliminess more.
  3. Fry the subzi nicely on medium heat to avoid sliminess . Don’t add salt initially . Add it mid .
  4. If you want , initially only while roasting bhindis ; add amchoor powder . Addition of tanginess reduces sliminess
  5. Don’t cut oil quantity . Bhindi typically reuires oil to get a nice crispiness . In restuarants , they deep fry bhindis while making this dish .
  6. If you find the bhindi and onion is sticking to the kadai , add some more oil .
  7. Tender fresh bhindi taste best for this dish .