1. In a frying pan on a low flame  dry roast dry coconut till they are crispy. Keep them aside .
  2. Add few drops of oil to the same pan .Fry both the type of red chillies and curry leaves on low flame till the chillies are crisp. Switch off and transfer to a plate .
  3. Next to the same pan,add black gram,bengal gram,coriander seeds,cumin seeds, fenugreek,cardamom, cinnamon ,cloves,kapok buds and mace. Fry on low flame till they are aromatic.Lastly add poppy seeds,fry for just a few seconds switch off .
  4. Combine all the roasted ingredients together .Mix well and allow them to cool .
  5. Take a mixer jar .Wipe it clean ensuring there is no moisture.Transfer all the roasted ingredients and dry coconut to the jar.Grind to a smooth powder .
  6. Store the powder in an air tight container and use it while making bisi bele bath .
  7. Isn’t it easy ?? Today i shared just the making of bisi bele bath powder..No points for guessing my next post .. click to know how to make bisi bele bath …
Recipe Notes
  1. Kapok buds and poppy seeds are very essential while making bisi bele bath powder.So dont omit it.
  2. If you want you can omit dry coconut .This further increases shelf life . You can grind and add at the time of making bisibelebath .
  3. Usually bisi bele bath is spicy. But if you cant take much spice reduce the chillies .
  4. I always make these powders in small batches ie once made gets over in 3-5 use.
  5. This masala powder can also be used while making sambar . It gives a different taste .

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