To temper
  1. Wash the eggplant and pat dry.Rub its surface with a thin coat of oil.Keep it for roasting, on open flame.Keep turning the eggplant in between every 2-3 mins, so that it gets cooked everywhere completely and uniformly.
  2. Switch off the flame when the brinjal shrinks in size and skin of brinjal has charred nicely.Whole kitchen would be filled with lovely smoky  aroma.
  3. Let the eggplant cool for 5-10 mins. Later peel its charred skin,discard the stem.
  4. Now mash eggplant nicely using hand or fork.
  5. Next to the mashed brinjal add salt,green chilli and curd.Mix well.If required add some more curd and adjust the consistency.
  6. Prepare the tempering.In a small kadai ,take oil.Add mustard seeds,urad dal and chana dal.Once they splutter add red chilli piece,curry leaves and hing.Switch off once curry leaves and red chili gets crispy. Pour this tempering on raita.Add chopped coriander leaves.Mix everything.
  7. Serve the yummy brinjal raitha with rice / roti/ pulav.
Recipe Notes
  • For this Buy eggplants that are big yet light.Also there should be no wholes.Use either big purple ones or the round green or purple brinjal.In Karnataka,we get a special kind of brinjal called “matti gulla”.Raita made from that tastes yummy.



Matti Gulla getting roasted..

  • I’ve roasted eggplant on direct fire. If you want you can use grill / oven/ coal .
  • If you want you can boil brinjal and later mash them too. But you will compromise with the taste. The smoky flavor takes this raita to a new level.

If you want you can add little chopped onion/roasted crushed peanuts too.

  • The above recipe is south indian style raita. You can add a pinch of jeera powder,red chillipowder ,chat masala  & black salt to above raita to make it in the north indian style