To temper :
  1. Wash and roughly chop capsicum .
  2. Grind them semi coarse in a mixer and keep aside .
  3. In a small pan add few drops of oil and take all the ingredients mentioned under to roast . Fry till they are crisp . Fine powder the spices in a mixer .
  4. In a kadai / pan , take oil . Add mustard seeds . Once they splutter , add curry leaves , hing and turmeric powder .
  5. To the tempering add coarsely ground capsicum , masala powder, tamarind extract and salt . Mix everything well . Saute the chutney for 5-10 minutes stirring in between .Letit boil well and get a nice taste and color. Don’t add any extra water .
  6. That’s it capsicum thokku is ready to serve. Relish it with idli , dosa, chapathi , plain rotti or plain rice. I assure you it tastes yumm with everything . Stays good without refrigeration for 3-4 days . If kept in fridge stays good for more days .Will share 1 more variant of capsicum chutney soon, till then enjoy it !!!
Recipe Notes
  1. You can use any type of capsicum .
  2. Grinding of capsicum smooth / coarse depends on your choice .
  3. In the original recipe , tamarind was not added . But i felt something missing when i made as per the original version . you can try which way you like . Also in the original recipe , methi quantity was more.
  4. If you want you can add little jaggery .
  5. Instead of red chillies you can add chilli powder too .
  6. Sauteing nicely in little extra oil givesthis chutney nice taste , look and also increases shelf life. So better not omit it .

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