To fry and powder ( Masala )
  1. In a pan , take peanuts and dry roast it till it becomes crisp . Later to the same add remaining ingredients listed under ingredients ie urad dal , chana dal , Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds , red chilli and curry leaves . Dry roast till the spices are aromatic . Allow to cool and powder . No need to make super smooth . Keep the masala powder aside to use later .
  2. In a large kadai , heat oil . Splutter mustard seeds and add curry leaves , onion . Saute till onions turn translucent .
  3. Later add colored capsicums / green capsicum. Saute for 2-3 mins . Don’t make it mushy , retain its crunchiness .
  4. Add salt , haldi and and masala powder . Mix everything and saute for 1-2 mins .
  5. Our capsicum masala mix for capsicum rice is ready .
  6. Add cooked rice . Mix gently . Cover and simmer the capsicum rice for 3-4 mins so that rice absorbs the masala.
  7. Switch off . Garnish capsicum masala rice with coriander leaves . If you want can squeese lime too .
  8. Enjoy capsicum masala rice with some raitha / papad .
Recipe Notes
  • You can use left over rice, brown rice, quinoa or millets to make this rice. All will taste equally good.
  • You can prepare masala ahead and store in air tight box and use whenever needed .
  • Instead of capsicum .. you can add methi leaves / cluster beans / mixed veggies / avarekalu / your choice … and make a different masala rice ..
  • Colored capsicums are used just to make it more attractive .. if it’s not handy .. you can use just green capsicum .