To do chakli powder ( Chakkuli hittu )
  1. Wash rice well ,drain water , spread it on cloth and dry it on shadow . After it dries heat it little in a kadai such that it becomes crisp . Rice should not change color. Sorry i forgot taking pic at this step .
  2. Fry urad dal a bit to light pink color .
  3. container and Mix rice and urad dal together. Allow it cool a bit and super fine powder in a mixer or mill. Store this chakli powder in an air tight use it to make chaklis whenever required .
Method to make chakli
  1. Take chakli powder in a big mixing bowl . Add hing , jeera , sesame seeds , salt and butter . Mix the powder well without adding water .
  2. Add water in small batches to form a soft pliable dough.Knead well.
  3. Now heat the oil in a kadai / pan.
  4. While the oil is getting hot, grease the chakli mould and fix the chakli plate to chakli mould . Divide the dough into parts . Add one part of the dough to the mould & press .
  5. Press the dough into spirals of Chakkuli on a wax paper or greased plastic sheets
  6. Once the correct temperature is reached, gently holding the end of the foil in one hand, slowly remove the flattened discs and drop them into the hot oil in batches of 4-5 depending on the size of the kadai used to deep fry.Deep fry them on medium low flame on both sides till they turn crisp and golden brown both sides.Once done, remove from oil and transfer to a paper towel.
  7. Repeat the same for the remaining dough.
  8. Store the Chakkuli  / Chakli / Murukku  in air tight containers once cooled. Remains fresh for minimum 1 month.
Recipe Notes
  1. You can make the chakli powder in huge batch and store for months .Nothing will happen. But use the fresh chakli dough only after 1-2 days of making it . Else it wont turn that good .
  2. Grinding of rice and urad dal mix to  super fine powder is must .
  3. If you dont have butter you can add 2 tbsp of super hot oil . Heat oil such that when you pour on the dry flour bubbles comes .
  4. Sieve the powder couple od times to get fine powder if you have powdered grains at home
  5. Always knead the chakli dough well .Else theyl break while rolling . they might also break while frying.
  6. Dont make a huge batch of chakli , keep them waiting and then deep fry them in small batches. this way rolled rings would dry out n break while frying. So ideally make about 8-10 , deep fry.While frying , simultaneously you can do your next batch .
  7. Check the oil readiness by dropping a small ball of dough into the oil. It has to come up immediately. this shows that oil has attained the right temperature n you can gently slide the kodubales.
  8. While dropping the prepared chaklis, the flame should be high,once they float to to top,reduce the flame to medium or medium low flame and fry till they become crisp.The secret of getting crunchy chakli lies here.
  9. In case you are making them in large quantity , dont add water to whole mix. Instead divide into parts, add water only to 1st part ,knead well n do chaklis.Once the 1st part is over ,add water to next part. This way chaklis will not turn soggy.


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