1. In a mixing bowl take chopped onion , chopped tomato , diced boiled potato , grated carrot and chopped cucumber . Can add other ingredients too like boiled peanut , corn , baby corn , pineapple , pomogranate , raw mango etc. I added whatever was handy .
  2. In goes green chutney , sweet chutney , jeera masala , chaat masala , red chilli powder & salt .
  3. Add chopped coriander leaves and lime . Mix everything well .
  4. Add handful of plain unflavored cornflakes and sev . Can add congress kadlekai ( spicy peanut ) , crushes papadi . nippattu etc . But i usually don’t add any of these as i want to make as guiltfree as possible .
  5. Mix everything nicely .
  6. Enjoy cornflakes chaat or bhel immediately .
Recipe Notes
  • Cornflakes chaat should be served as soon as its made to maintain cruchiness .
  • As i said earlier you can add choice of veggies and adjust spice powders and chutneys as per your taste .
  • i usually use local cornflakes to make chaat and chiwda. . as they are not sweet and flavored .Also they are light and thin and hence takes in flavor nicely .

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