1. Wash and roughly dice broccoli florets . Dice potatoes too .
  2. In a pan / cooker , add butter . Saute onion , garlic and pepper . Let the onion turn translucent .
  3. Later add broccoli florets and diced potatoes . Saute for 1-2 mins .
  4. Add adequate water and pressure cook for 2 whistles . If you have vegetable broth .. use it instead of water . Once the pressure releases .. open the cooker and allow the veggies to cool a bit before pureeing .
  5. Drain the veggies . Don’t discard the water . Keep it aside to use later . Reserve a few brocolli florets too . You can chop a bit and add garnish the soup . Puree the remaining veggies into a smooth paste using a blender .
  6. Transfer the brocolli puree to a pan . Add the drained water kept aside before into the soup .. mix . Let the soup boil a bit .
  7. At this point , add milk .. mix and simmer well on low flame . If its thick .. can add some water too to get required consistency
  8. Add some oregano powder , salt and pepper powder ( optional ) for seasoning . Mix
  9. If you are adding cream .. add finally… mix and finish the soup . instead can add cream for garnish too .
  10. Serve hot Cream of Broccoli soup with some toasted bread/ croutons / as such .
Recipe Notes

Note :

  • Here i have added potato to give nice thickness to the soup . If you don’t want potato .. can add carrot too . But the color may alter . Or if you want can add cornflour to thicken .
  • Addition of cream is purely optional . If doing for kids i add .. if for me i don’t .. 🙂 . tastes good still ..
  • Boil the soup in low flame only .. else the color of the broccolli might change .

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