Instant Dalia Dosa
Instant Dalia Dosa / Instant broken wheat dosa is a tasty and easy dosa made using Broken wheat !! Perfect dish for those unplanned morning or dinner . If you are lookin ways to include dalia in your diet this dalia dosa is one of them …
  1. Pulse dalia in mixer grinder . Don’t add any water .. dry grind it so that it becomes little powderish .
  2. Add rice flour , grated coconut , onion and chilli to the powdered dalia . Add water as required for blending. Make a smooth paste.
  3. Transfer the ground batter to a mixing bowl .
  4. Add salt , chopped coriander leaves and water as required .Mix well The batter should be regular dosa batter consistency .
  5. Heat a tawa.Pour a laddle full of batter. Spread it in circular direction to make it to thin dosa. Drizzle few drops of oil around it.Cover and cook on medium flame for about 1-2 mins. No need to flip over and cook.Once its done, the dosas come out easily from the tawa .
  6. Fold and serve crispy Instant Dalia Dosa accompanied with chutney or sambar or chutney powder of your choice.Relish when hot to enjoy the crispiness… once it cools crispness reduces.
Recipe Notes


  1. Always remember to pulse broken wheat / dalia first without water . This will ease the process and also make grinding quick .
  2. Adding green chilli and coconut is optional .
  3. Unlike wheat flour dosa it is very easy to spread this dosa .. just like regular dosa .

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