For Seasoning
  1. Separate the jackfruit seeds from the fruit and wash . Spread them on a paper or flat plate and air / sun dry them for 2-3 days .This helps to peel of the skin better, else they will be sticky.
  2. Cut each seed to 2 pieces and peel the white skin off from the seed . Making a cut in the seed and then peeling will help to peel easily .
  3. Add haldi and cook the seeds in enough water till they are done . You can either cook in cooker / direct . I had used cooker as i was making a stir fry too from the seeds , so the quantity was more.
  4. Drain the cooked jackfruit seeds using a colander . Save the broth for making rasam . keep aside the cooked jack fruit seeds to grind / make a stir fry later .
  5. In a mixer jar , take grated coconut , diced onion , cooked jack seeds ,rasam powder and tamarind. Add some water and grind to a smooth paste .
  6. Next to the jack seeds broth ( water ) add ground masala , slit green chilli,curry leaves and salt. Keep on flame to boil . Mix well and add water to get the desired consistency .
  7. Allow it to boil .Switch off .Garnish with chopped coriander leaves .
  8. Finally prepare tempering.Take a small kadai . Add ghee , mustard seeds , jeera ,garlic or hing . Allow the mustard to splutter . Switch off .Pour it over jack seeds rasam .
  9. Serve hot Jack fruit seeds rasam with steamed rice .
Recipe Notes

This rasam tastes good when fresh . and Surprisingly , it tastes best next day You can either use garlic / hing in tempering depending on which flavour you like .If you want you can omit onion .