1. Soak rice for 2-3 hours.Drain water .
  2. Peel,deseed and chop jackfruit roughly.
  3. In a mixer grind jackfruit pieces and jaggery .Don’t add any water. Jaggery will leave water as you grind.
  4. Once it smoothen s a bit , add soaked rice and grated coconut.Add no water or very very little water and grind to a smooth paste.
  5. The consistency of the batter should be thicker than the idli batter.So if possible try to grind without adding water . In case if it becomes watery .. fix it.. to know how **refer NOTES
  6. To the ground batter add black sesame seeds and salt.Mix well.
  7. Take a kadai or pan. Heat oil for frying.
  8. Once the oil is hot ,drop a spoonful of batter into the hot oil in round shape.These fritters start browning soon. So keep the temperature of oil low.
  9. After 20-30 secs turn them around. Cook evenly all the sides .Once they turn dark brown , drain and transfer on paper towel.Since i’ve used jaggery , color of these fritters are deep brown. If you are using sugar , it will be light brown. But i love them with jaggery.
  10. Serve them hot or warm or cold. It tastes good in all the forms .Store in atir tight container. Stays well without refrigeration for a week.
Recipe Notes


  1. ** Instant Mulka / to avoid rice : Grind fruit ,coconut and jaggery to smooth paste. To that add 1 cup wheat flour , 2-3 tbsp upma rava. Mix and fry .
  2. ** What to do if the batter turned a bit thin ?? Add a few tsps of rice flour / wheat flour / rava / maida to get desired consistency.
  3. As i said ,instead of jackfruit you can use banana / mango too. Whole process is same. just replace the fruit.
  4. Don’t soak rice for too long time. It will absorb more oil. Also don’t make the batter thin. It will absorb oil .
  5. In the authentic version, these fritters are deep fried in coconut oil. But i add few tbsps of coconut oil to the sunflower oil n later deep fry in them.Aroma of coconut oil , makes it more tastier.
  6. If you want you can shallow fry them in paniyaram pan too. For that thinner the batter a bit.