1. Wash, wipe and roughly dice ripe mangoes and raw mangoes.
  2. Add ripe mango, raw mango, sugar, a little salt, citric acid and water to a pan.cover and cook till it’s mushy. Alternatively, you can pressure cook. adjust the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of mango.
  3. When cool, drain off the mango and allow to cool completely. We will be using the stock at a later stage. so reserve. Blend to a fine puree. If mango is too fibery, you can sieve. I didn’t. Add water to adjust the consistency of the mango frooti.
  4. That’s it mango frooti is ready. Transfer to an airtight bottle and store in the fridge. You can make it more thinner .. pour to the glass and ready to serve types. But if your fridge doesn’t have much space, preserve it little thick only, so that you can reduce the number of bottles and save some space. While serving you can dilute.
  5. Enjoy chilled mango frooti whenever required !!! If saved properly, you can easily preserve it for 4-5 months .
Recipe Notes
  • you may choose any mango for this recipe. However, pulpy Alphonso tastes best.
  • if your mangoes are very fibrey, better you sieve after pureeing it, else it won’t have a smooth consistency.
  • Instead of sugar, you can add jaggery for health reasons. however the taste won’t be the same as a readymade.
  • As said eairlier, quantity of sugar depends on sweetness and sour of mangoes .

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