1. Pluck the leaves from the stems ,wash and pat them dry on the kitchen towel to get rid of excess moisture.Later chop methi leaves finely.
  2. Take a wide mixing bowl.Add wheat flour, besan , all the dry masala powders, ajwain, green chilli – ginger , curd and oil. Add methi leaves.Mix well and knead till the dough is smooth without adding water. If required add just a few spoons of water as methi leaves would leave water while kneading.But the dough should be soft but not sticky.
  3. Keep covered and set aside for 20-30 mins.
  4. Divide the dough into equal medium sized balls .
  5. Take 1 dough ball , press it slightly between your hands to make it flat and later roll it into thin discs of required size by dusting dry flour ( Maida / wheat flour ) .
  6. Heat a thick tawa and place the rolled thepla on the tawa.When tiny bubbles starts appearing on the top surface,flip,apply oil / ghee and let it cook for abt 30 sec.Turn it again and apply oil to the other side.Press down the thepla using the spatula, rotate and press again ,so that they get roasted uniformly. Let it roast both sides till they form brown spots .While cooking keep the flame on medium.
  7. Prepare all theplas in the same manner and stack them one above the other .
  8. Serve theplas hot / at room temperature with any pickle /sweet and sour raw mango pickle/curd/raita / simple potato subzi.
Recipe Notes
  • If fresh methi leaves are not available, you can use dried methi leaves easily available in the stores by the name Kasuri methi. If using that you can reduce the qty of methi leaves to 1 cup.
  • You can also change the flavor of these thepla by substituting any other beggies of your choice instead of methi like spinach,radish,bottlegaurd,cabbage,carrot etc. Grate and add them.You can also do plain theplas without any veggies.
  • For the fussy kids who hate greens, you can just grind methi / or palak , make a puree n mix to the dough. They ‘l not b able to pluck leaves from the theplas .
  • Theplas remain fresh for 2-3 days . So are ideal while traveling. But remember to pack them only after it cools completely..