1. Dry roast peanuts in a kadai or microwave , till the skin peels off or brown spots appear on them. keep aside .
  2. In a frying pan / kadai ,dry roast niger seeds( uchellu ) on a low flame till it crackles . keep aside .
  3. Roast garlic flakes in the kadai such that its raw smell goes. Keep aside .
  4. Add a teaspoon of oil to the frying pan. Keep the flame on low and roast red chillies and tamarind.Mid way,add curry leaves, and continue to roast till red chillies,tamarind and curry leaves have turned crisp. Transfer to a plate .
  5. When everything has cooled to room temperature, transfer everything to a mixer jar , add some salt and grind to a medium coarse powder . don’t make it too smooth. That’s it Uchellu chutney pudi is ready.Store it in air tight container. If handled properly can store for months together.
  6. To serve mix a spoonful of Niger seeds chutney powder with a dash of ghee / butter /oil /curd and serve as an accompaniment for Idly /Dosa/Paniyaram/Jowar Roti etc …even hot rice. Can also add a teaspoon of it while making stuffed brinjal , sprouted moong curry etc . Ragi Rotti / Jowar roti with Uchellu chutney powder is like match made in heaven …. Tastes just awesome.
Recipe Notes


  1. Typically this chutney powder is made very spicy and garlicky . So adjust as per your

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