Masala ( to roast and grind )
Prepare paneer :
  1. To begin with, making paneer ghee roast .. first, we will be preparing paneer Dice paneer to bite-size pieces and place them in warm water till ready to use. This helps in giving a nice soft texture to paneer.
Prepare Masala :
  1. Next, we will be preparing the aromatic fiery masala for the ghee roast. This is the base masala and will be same for any versions of ghee roast you plan to make. In a Kadai, heat a tsp ghee. Add all the spices one by one ie coriander seeds, cumin, methi, pepper and chilli. Note that we will be using Byadgi chillies / Kashmiri chillies only as it gives nice deep red colour. On low flame roast nicely.
  2. Once Chillies are crisp and spices are aromatic, add garlic, mix and switch off. Allow to cool.
  3. Transfer the roasted spices to a small mixer jar, add salt and tamarind. Add very little water and grind smooth. Take care not to add much water.
Prepare Mariantion
  1. Take a big mixing bowl. Drain paneer cubes and transfer to mixing bowl. Add 4-5 tbsp curd, masala paste and haldi.
  2. Mix gently such that all the marination gets coated nicely to paneer cubes. Take care not to break paneer while mixing.
  3. Keep aside paneer cubes for marination for about 30 – 45 mins. If you are keeping the marinated mix for a longer time .. keep in the fridge . Else it will get sour.
Time to prepare Paneer Ghee Roast
  1. Take a Kadai, heat ghee. Splutter Curry leaves. Don’t skip ghee for this dish .. as it’s what makes the dish delectable.
  2. Now add finely chopped onions and saute till translucent.
  3. Once onion is translucent, add marinated paneer cubes. Also, scrape and add all the masala sticking to the bowl. If you like add 1/2 tsp jaggery … just to give that authentic coastal Karnataka touch.Mix well
  4. Simmer and cook for about 5-6 mins till masala coats the paneer and ghee start oozing. Do not overcook the paneer. It will become dense and hard
  5. Lastly, garnish with curry leaves and squeeze a dash of lime.
  6. Enjoy Mangalore special Paneer Ghee roast hot with neer dosa / chapathi / aapam/ rice / as a starter.
Recipe Notes
  • you can use tofu or mushroom for a vegan version .
  • do not skip ghee
  • colour of paneer roast depends on the chilli used . For a deeper colour, use byadgi or Kashmiri chillis