1. In a wide bowl,take rice flour,besan,hing,chilli powder,salt ,jeera & til .Mix well
  2. Heat oil in a small kadai .Add to the flour. The oil should be so hot that when you pour it on dry flour ,bubbles should form. Mix well.
  3. Add water little by little and make a smooth,non-sticky dough.
  4. In the chakli press use ribbon pakoda moulds .Grease the press and the mould with little oil .
  5. Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying .
  6. Take the ribbon pakoda mould and keep a ball of dough in the press.
  7. Press it directly into hot oil in a circular motion. The consistency of the dough should be free flowing .Let the flame be on medium – low. Cook it one side and flip . Cook it both sides uniformly till it becomes crispy and ” shh… ” sound stops. Drain on a tissue .
  8. Once it reaches room tempertature store in air tight container and enjoy crispy ribbon pakoda with a cup of tea . Has a good shelf life of 2-3 weeks.
Recipe Notes
  • How to determine the right temperature to deep fry in oil ? When the oil becomes hot,drop a small ball of dough.If it rises immediately,temperature is pefect .
  • Do not add more water to the dough . It will absorb more oil also will be difficult to form tapes.But then the dough shouldn’t be tough too . It will be tough to press. The consistency of the dough should be smooth and free flowing.
  • If the ribbon pakoda turns very hard to bite,it means the amount of hot oil you added to the dough is not enough. Add 1 tbsp more and make the next batch. If it turns soft and getting scattered in oil that means hot oil added is more. Increase flour quantity .
  • You can use soft butter too instead of hot oil.
  • Don’t overcrowd while deep frying .