1. Wash the mangoes well under running water. Using a knife remove its tip & lightly make 2-3 vertical cuts on mango . Take a pan , cook them using 2-3 cups of water, until they are soft and cooked through. When the color of the peel changes its color , you know they’re cooked.Switch off .
  2. Once the mangoes cool, peel them.You’ll be able to peel the mango easily using your fingers.Put the peel inside the pan with water used for cooking .Keep the whole mangoes with the pulp in another bowl .
  3. Next nicely squeese the peel in water to extract any mango pulp sticking to it.Later discard the peel.
  4. Transfer the whole mango into the pan .Add chilli , salt and jaggery .Using your hands nicely squeese mango and crush chilli. This method will yield you tastiest gojju .If you are not OK with crushing chillies , you can just add chopped chilli. ( but i would recommend crushing ) .
  5. Don’t discard the mango seeds.It can be dipped into the sauce and eaten ( read it as licked ) to the hearts content.
  6. Taste test and check the consistency . Add water to get desired consistency . This gojju will be medium consistency and little spicy , tangy and sweetish . So adjust everything accordingly .
  7. And now is the final .. most important step which makes the dish absolute fingerlicking.. that’s a very good tempering . Take a small pan . Add coconut oil . Once hot add mustard seeds. When they spultter , add hing , red chilli and curry leaves. Immediately pour it on gojju . Mix everything well . close a lid and allow it to sit for 10 mins.
  8. Relish yummy tangy spicy little sweetish mango gojju as a side dish with steamed rice / dosa/ chapathi . Drizzle few drops of coconut oil if you want while eating with rice .
Recipe Notes
  1. If you want you can dilute it and drink it like rasam .
  2. Always use pulpy, tangy wild mangoes for this dish. Quality mangoes like the Alphonso will not be good for the dish since it is too sweet. If ild mangoes are not available atleast use mango that is sour .
  3. Don’t omit jaggery.It will make the dish tastier. This dish is basically tangy ,sweet n spicy.
  4. Don’t ever omit seasoning . The tempering with coconut oil and hing takes the dish to a new level . Without those 2 ingredients , the dish tastes just good. addition of that makes it super yummilicious. Always remember it .
  5. You can make this dish thick or thin depending on your preference .
  6. Few people add garlic to tempering instead of hing .
  7. if your mangoes are not that sour , you can add little tamarind or citric acid ( lemon crystals ) to make it tangy .

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