1. Soak sabudana in enough water for 4-5 hours or overnight .When soaking, make sure water level is well above the sago.Next day drain water .
  2. Meanwhile grind the salt and green chilli together into a fine paste.
  3. Add the paste to the soaked sago . Mix well.
  4. Keep 4 cups of water to boil in a thick bottom vessel like pressure cooker .Wen water starts to boil , add soaked sago to the water and mix well . .Keep stirring to avoid sago sticking to the bottom of the pan.
  5. Once the sago mixture comes to a porridge consistency ( might take 10 minutes ) ,Switch off and let it cool just a bit.Make sure it is not too thick as it thickens after cooling down.observe that the sago pearls looks transparent now.
  6. Add jeera and sesame seeds to the batter and mix well .
  7. Spread a clean plastic sheet under sun.Lightly grease it with any oil and place stones in the corner.And now start spooning the mixture when its still hot.Using a small ladle/spoon, pour the sago mixture on the sheet to make small circles as shown below.Let these fryums get dried under bright Sun for 1-2 days  .After 1 day , sabakki sandige starts peeling off and looks transparent .Turn over to other side and dry for another 2-3 days.
  8. Once the fryums are fully dried , store them in an airtight container .Stays good for a year if sundried well .
  9. Deep fry in oil whenever required . A great life saver when you have unexpected guests . Tastes great with dal chawal / rasam rice or even with a cup of tea .Whichever way .. u r sure gonna ENJOY !!!
Recipe Notes
  1. Use medium size sago . Dont use nylon sago variety.
  2. When you are mixing sabudana on stove to make batter, stir continuously else it will burn from bottom .
  3. If you want you can add 1/2 cup buttermilk or lemon juice for some tanginess to the cooked batter and mix well.
  4. Don’t make the batter too thick as it thickens a bot once it cools . If it gets too thick , dont panic. Just add little hot water and mix vigorously to get desired consistency .
  5. Salt should be added carefully. When you taste the batter, it should be mild, after sandige dries it will just right.
  6. Keep the size of sandige little small only . Wen deep fried , they will expand .
  7. Options in flavoring : You can do a big batch of plain salted version of batter and divide into 2-3 parts. And for each portion , can change the flavoring . That way with the basic batter , you can have different tasting sandiges.
  8. If you want just plain white sabakki sandige , skip chilli paste . You will get plain salted version . Kids love it .
  9. U can add finely chopped / ground 2 small onions along with chillis.
  10. Or while grinding chilli, you can add some coriander and pudina leaves. It will give some green colour to sandige
  11. instead of green chilli , you can grind red chilli and tomatoes to get tomato flavour sandige .

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