Tea time snack made from minced Soya nuggets / soya chunks
To grind along with soya:
To cook soya chunks:
  1. Boil water with milk.Add soya chunks and cook them for 3-5mins.Switch off and let it rest for 15mins.Later drain water and wash it in running water for 1-2 times to get rid of the raw soya smell.
  2. Squeeze out excess water.
  3. In a mixer- add soya chunks along with green chillies,ginger and saunf.Grind it to a semi fine or little coarse paste.
  4. In a mixing bowl add soya paste along with gram flour,rice flour,corn flour ,onion,capsicum, coriander leaves ,garam masala ,chilli powder and salt.Mix well to form a smooth dough.
  5. Shape them to small balls or long oval shape .
  6. Heat oil in a pan or kadai.
  7. When the oil gets heated , drop balls in batches and cook them on low heat till they are evenly cooked and light brown in color.
  8. Drain on a tissue paper.
  9. Serve hot hot Soya kheema fritters with tomato ketchup or green chutney.
Recipe Notes
  • Squeezing out excess water is a must…Else when you grind, the soya chunks will become watery and will not hold together to form balls.
  • The dough should be such that you should be able to form a ball. If its watery you will not be able to make proper balls also it will absorb more oil . In case its watery add some more besan n rice flour to bind it together.
  • You can use soya granules too… then you need not grind them. Just grind other requirements and mix with granules..
  • While dropping the ball in the oil , keep the flame on medium n later cook on low flame on low only. Else it will brown easily on the outside but the inside will be uncooked.
  • If you want you can add some grated carrot too…