1. Peel garlic and keep aside. Keep all the ingredients ready.
  2. Heat a broad kadai/pan and add oil. First add mustard and peanuts.
  3. After a minute or so, add garlic pieces .Saute them on medium flame. Let both garlic and peanuts become crispy and golden brown.
  4. Later add roasted gram dal ,red chilli pieces and curry leaves . Saute.
  5. Once curry leaves are crisp add salt, turmeric powder and chilli powder .Mix well.Keep the flame on low. It gets burned soon.
  6. Add the puffed rice and mix well so that all the puffed rice gets evenly coated with spices.Keep the flame on low and keep mixing for about 3-5 minutes , so that puffed rice gets more crispier. Switch off .
  7. That’s it.. our spicy crispy puffed rice is ready to munch.Store in airtight container once it cools .Stays crisp for upto a month if handled well. Enjoy it as it is or top it with chopped onion ,tomato and coriander leaves for that extra taste.
  8. So friends , isn’t this snack so easy to make ? I am sure you will add it to your list.. stay tuned for some more guilt free snacks..
Recipe Notes
  • I am giving you the ingredients without the quantity.You can use according to your preference.
  • There is no hard rule for the measurements in this recipe. If you like peanuts more then add it more.Feel free to plus or minus the ingredients of your choice.
  • Puffed rice must be fresh and crisp for this. Incase it has turned a bit soggy, keep it in microwave and heat for 1 min. Itt wil get crisp. Alternatively you can dry roast them in a wide kadai too.
  • If you dont like garlic , add hing / more of curry leaves and crush it later / menthe hittu powder towards the end ( this is a karnataka speciality nutrituous powder , recipe of this ill share sometime )
  • Add turmeric little more than you normally use.That will give nice color. Else the chiwda will look pale.