The Top 5 Things You Will See When Sailing Around Europe

Sailing around Europe offers a thrilling experience. This is because there are so many places to visit. As long as you know how to sail, you can rent a yacht for several weeks and explore various holiday destinations around Europe. Even if you have never operated a yacht before you can still get one that features an experienced sailor and assistants who can take the voyage with you. In fact, sailing across Europe is an experience that you will live to remember. All you have to do is ensure that you have enough supplies because you will not be coming to the shores more often. The problem of sailing solo is that you may not know where to, especially if you are sailing for the first time. Here is a list of things you will see when you go Sailing Europe.

  1. Greek Islands

Greek islands are irresistible. Unlike the islands that are found in other parts of the world, the Greek islands are full of natural beauty that’s not known by many. Since the islands are many, you can explore them one at a time. Some of the most popular islands include Cyclades, the Ionian Islands, the Saronic Islands, the Sporades, and the Dodecanese. When you visit these islands and others, you will be able to learn more about the history and culture of ancient Greece. You don’t have to worry about where you will eat or buy supplies. This is because the islands are dotted by harbors, anchorages and marinas. You only need to tie your yacht and experience the local cuisines and nightlife.

  1. South of France

Sailing in South of France makes you feel like you have already become a movie star. In fact, this is where rich people go when they want to experience holiday in the yacht.  The beaches of this destination are in a strategic location. Most them are close to tarmac, which means you can get out of your yacht and stroll the amazing streets of Monaco, Cannes and Saint Tropez. Whether you want to dance, shop, view legendary artwork or enjoy mouth watering delicacies, you will find it all within South France. There are also world class resorts that offer outstanding hospitality services to holiday makers.

  1. Italian Riviera

After anchoring at the Italian Riviera, you don’t have to go far into the mainland to experience what the destination has to offer. This is because most establishments are close to the Riviera. In fact, the villages of Cinque Terre offer a perfect spot for fishing. And that’s not all. There are many restaurants, shopping boutiques and art galleries. Other places you should consider visiting include san Remo and Portofino. On your way to these places, you will come across ancient ports and harbors that are frequented by many people whenever they are in Italian Riviera.

  1. Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera is found along the coastline of Turkey. During the sail, you will be able to visit Istanbul and the town of Marmaris. Since there are strong winds in this Riviera, you will be able to sail without turning on the engine of your private charter yacht.  There are also many water sports that you can participate in while at the Riviera. The local people are very friendly. While crisscrossing the cool waters of Turkey, you will come across remains of ancient vessels, fishing villages and sublime pebble coves.

  1. Croatia

If you are not an experienced sailor, you should visit Croatia between April and November because that’s when the winds are moderately calm. Regardless of this concern, Croatia is one of the places that you should visit when in Europe. There are more than 1000 islands across Croatia. The beaches have a stunning outlook that makes you feel like you are in paradise. Some of the most memorable sites include national parks of Kornati and Krka, Blue Grotto,   port town of Trogir, Vis Island, streets made of marble and ancient walls that enclose Dubrovnik.


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