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Idiyappam Recipe , how to do soft Idiyappam recipe with step by step pics, Kerala style idiyappam recipe , Nool Puttu recipe , String hopper recipe . Easy Kerala style String hopper

idiyappam recipe

Today i have for you all one of our family favorite dish .. IDIYAPPAM .  Idiyappam is basically string hoppers and  is a very common dish in Tamil Nadu and Kerala ( Noolu Puttu  ) . Soft and fluffy idiyappam served with spicy curry , veg stew and sweet coconut milk .. aah .. a fest in itself . The leftovers goes into making lemon sevai or kaisasive chitranna .. which i equally love too 🙂

I have shared before Akki ottu shavige from matta rice .. which is the traditional way made at Udupi , Mangalore Coastal Karnataka .For people who are wondering what this Ottu shavige  is .. for better understanding one can say them as handmade rice noodles . There are many ways one can make these string hoppers . Today’s post Idiyappam is Kerala / Tamilnadu style of making string hoppers and the method of making it .. is entirely different than the earlier shared Ottu shavige . This idiyappam recipe is prepared from rice flour , partially cooked , pressed to noodles and then later it is steamed. Do give a try for your weekend breakfast or lunch and you will surely agree with me… Tummy full dil bhi khush….

one can also check few instant sevai varities Instant lemon sevai , raw mango sevai


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Course breakfast
Course breakfast
  1. In a pan / kadai , Roast the flour on medium flame until the flour is very hot to the touch.
  2. In the same pan ,boil the water along with a tbsp oil and salt to taste.
  3. When water starts bubbling, keep on sim & dunk in the rice flour . Do not stir.Leave for 1-2 mins. Later stir vigorously with a wooden spoon to bring the dough together. Remove from heat and allow to cool for about 4-5 minutes.
  4. When the dough is still warm , transfer it into a clean polythene cover and knead. Knead it nicely to form a very smooth lumpless dough. Dough for Idiyappam is ready .
  5. Grease idli plates . Drizzle little coconut gratings on each plate .
  6. Grease chakli mould and press . You can choose either small or big holed plate .
  7. Divide the dough into parts . Add one part of the dough to the mould & press on idli plate . Mkae sure to press the dough when it's still hot. It becomes hard to press when the dough cools down.
  8. Once the dough is pressed, transfer the plates to a preheated steamer and steam the idiyappam for 10 minutes. layter , rest the idiyappam for 2-3 mins before removing fro idli plate .
  9. Hot , soft and fluffy idiyappam is ready to relish . Enjoy it with Veg kurma / coconut milk / spicy non veg curry / veg stew . .ake lemon sevai etc from it ..
  10. idiyappam
Recipe Notes
  • Always use fine rice flour for making Idiyappam . I use regular rice plain flour .
  • Dry roast for 3-4  mins till it's hot .Make sure to retain color . This warming up of rice flour helps in absorption of more water making the idiayppam soft and fluffy .
  • Don't allow the flour to get too cold while kneading.Knead it when it is manageable hot.Kneading process is very vital.Better you need nicer the dough and longer the strands .
  • Since we are kneading the dough when its hot only , it would be difficult for us to handle the dough bear hands. Thats why we are putting it in polythene cover and knead later .
  • Don't over stem idiyappam .. else it will dry out .


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